Pavement Lights

NDM Building Oxford

Pavement lights were originally made from cast iron and installed in to many of our city streets during the Victorian era, providing natural light to basement and cellar areas at a time when natural light was the only source of light available.

Pavement lights are still very much in use today, providing not only additional natural light, but also enhancing the visual appeal of the properties. New Age Glass Ltd are very much at the forefront of manufacturing, replacing and repairing all types and styles.

New Age Glass Pavement lights are made from steel reinforced concrete and fitted with 100 x 100mm moulded glass lenses. They can also be supplied with galvanised cast iron ventilators in place of lenses to allow ventilation to the basement and drip trays fixed underneath to collect water and debris.

Our pavement lights have been tested by the BRE for loading and slip resistance and are available Pre-cast or Cast In-situ (on site).

The advantages of fitting on site are:

  • Larger areas can be covered meaning less cross joints.
  • It is easier to accommodate variations in site levels and falls.
  • We can install additional waterproofing products to the bearings and cross joints.

We cover the whole of the UK and provide free estimates for the London area.

Call our technical department on 01243 790414 or email your requirements to

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