Insulated Roof & Floor Lights

Insulated Roof/Floor Lights

Insulated Roof and Floor Lights

Our Insulated roof and floor lights are designed for external use where a high U value is required, acheiving 1.2 W/sq,mK these constructions are ideal for use as flat roofs, garden patios or anywhere externally covering a habital space below, these can be made to any shape and size, with spans over 3m.

Whilst the standard roof and floor lights offer some form of sound proofing and insulation against the cold, for more specific requirements, New Age Glass Ltd can supply any Roof or Floor light that is fully insulated.

Our range of floor and roof lights includes single and double glazed options plus thermal and integral fire protection products. 

For more information, please call our Technical Dept. on 01243 790414.

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