Fire Escape Hatches

Fire Escape Hatch


Escape/Access Hatches

NAG escape hatches are manufactured in mild steel angle with stainless steel picots set into mild steel gutter frame complete with a rainwater outlet. The drainage down pipe is supplied and fitted by others.

The escape hatch leaf is glazed between concrete ribs impregnated with carborundum grains to provide a non-slip surface.  Secured on the underside by an easy-release catch, NAG escape and access hatches are fitted with gas struts for quick and easy opening.  As an access hatch, provision can also be made for the leaf to be opened from the outside.

Escape hatches are manufactured in sizes according to site requirements, beginning with a 650 x 750mm minimum opening size, increasing in multiples of 150mm.

Escape Ladders

Ladders constructed in mild steel stringers with chequer plate treads can be supplied and fitted with hand rails on either or both sides as necessary.  They are fixed at a 60⁰Angle where practical with permanent fixings at the top and floor level.

Cellar Flaps

NAG cellar flaps are manufactured from mild steel angle either with glazed leaves, concrete or asphalt infill, and set into a mild steel gutter frame complete with rainwater outlet.  The drainage down pipe is supplied and fitted by others. The operation of NAG

Cellar flap leaves are aided by gas struts for quick and easy opening.  The flaps are

secured by a spring bolt of shoot barrel bolt fitted to the underside and lifting hooks and guard bars are standard fittings.

The gutters on our escape/access hatches and cellar flaps provide drainage in accordance with BS6367 (drainage of roofs and paved areas), but due to the many varying factors, the code adopts an empirical rule.  NAG are willing to advise on individual installations.

Maintenance and the Law

For both escape/access hatches and cellar flaps, all metal work can be galvanised before leaving the factory.  It should be noted that in Part B of the Building Regulations (B1, The Requirement) it states that there shall be an appropriate means of escape in case of fire from the building to a place of safety and effectively used at all material times.  The importance of properly maintaining a fire escape hatch after installation cannot therefore be over emphasised. 

NAG can offer inexpensive maintenance contracts, the cost of which include labour, travelling time and fares, and sundries such as lubricants.  If worn or broken parts require replacement, an estimate is provided, and your authority to proceed is requested.

Contact our Technical Department for more infomation on these products: 01243790414 or [email protected]