Energy Saving Glass Blocks

energy saving glass blocks

Nowadays architects face increasing difficulties. The new challenge is to plan buildings that are beautiful, modern, functional but, most of all, sustainable.

Energy saving glass blocks are the solution to reduce the environmental impact and to combine, at the same time, the design and functionality needs of a project. Thanks to the use of natural transparency glass, you can brighten up any interior space with natural light, thus reducing electricity consumption during the day.

Glass blocks can naturally provide high thermal performances. For more sustainable applications, Seves has created the Energy Saving blocks, reducing the level of the block's thermal transmittance to U = 1.5 W / m² K (from U = 2.8 W / m² K). This innovative technology prevents heat loss during the winter and keeps it outside during the summer, thus reducing the total energy consumption.

The use of Energy Saving blocks allows designers to meet sustainability needs and offer clients outstanding features including:

  • Use of natural light and transparency;
  • Promoting responsible use of energy and bill reduction;
  • Reduce heating costs;
  • Preserving the environment by ensuring higher levels of thermal insulation compared to standard walls having an equal thickness.

If you want to illuminate exterior walkways and emergency walkways without using electric cables you can use our Photovoltaic glass blocks, created to capture sunlight during the day and power LED bulbs that turn on at night.

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