Santander Bank Access Hatch

  • Client Santander Bank plc
  • Location 9 Southward St., London, SE1

Supply and fix to opening prepared by New Age Glass Limited, 1no glazed single leaf access hatch 700mm x 700mm, fabricated using 100mm mild steel gutter framing with one opening leaf glazed with 100mm x 100mm x 28mm pressed annealed glass lenses set in nominal 60mm deep adequately reinforced concrete ribs at 127mm cross centres. The concrete to achieve grade 40 – colour; natural grey with the top surface trowel finished and the soffit “as cast”.

Two gas struts assist the leaves to open. The leaves pivot on stainless steel bars and are secured by quick release catches when closed. The gutter frame is fitted with plugged 12mm diameter gas bore outlets and subject to the cross fall of the surrounding pavement, either or both of the holes nearest to the lowest level must be fitted with a down pipe to allow the water to drain away, supply of all threaded fittings and down pipes and all plumbing work by others.

The perimeter gutter frame to be cast monolithic with pavement light section, using our NAG-P150-100 type construction, glazed with 100mmx 100mm x 28mm pressed annealed glass lenses set in nominal 100mm deep and adequately reinforced concrete ribs set at 150mm cross centres.

All new works to be made watertight using hot poured bitumen, covered with sand and cement protection and trowel finished.

Supply and fix 1no Ladder to fit vertical height of 2740mm, construction using chequer plate treads and including 1no hand rail fitted to the right hand side of ladder.

Data Sheets & Drawings