Cast Iron Pavement Light Refurbishment London


We took in 2no very worn and tired looking Cast Iron Pavement Lights from a lovely Chap in East London. He said "can you make these look as good as new?". I said "I'm not sure, but give me a couple of weeks and we'll see what we can do for you."

So we set about the first task of removing all the glass lenses from the pockets of the frame, once that was complete the frames needed a good clean so we sent them of to be sandblasted.

The blasters had done an excellent job on the frames and they were now ready for new glass lenses. Using Original 4 x 3 glass lenses and our special bedding mortar we carefully re-glazed the frames, but there was a problem. Both of the frames had a row of smaller pockets and being curved on one side had special shapes not available of the shelf. So, using our hi-tech cutting equipment, we were able to cut the lenses to fit the frames and the glazing was complete. Once fully grouted these frames are 100% water tight and ready to be re-installed.

Data Sheets & Drawings