Pavement Lights P150-100

NDM Building Oxford

The New Age Glass NAG-P150-100 is our most popular and versatile Pavement Light that is suitable for use in any location, including next to the highway. The light is capable of supporting a 20 kN/m2 long-term UDL and a short-term 75 kN concentrated action such as applied by a wheel of an emergency vehicle or doubledecker bus.

BRE tested, our NAG-P150-100 is 4 inch thick (approximately 100 mm) and light enough to allow large pre-cast panels to made in our factory. The glass-lenses are 100 mm square and cast at 150 mm cross centres (50mm concrete rib). The lenses may be sand-blasted to offer additional privacy and slip resistance.

If the "Safe Span" of the glazed area of the light has been exceeded, (refer Datasheet for safe spans), the solution is to miss a row of lenses and cast a reinforced concrete beam. By adding additional reinforcement into the concrete margins, the pavement light may be supported on only three sides or designed to span wide openings.

Where the NAG-P150-100 pavement-light is to be used in areas exposed to condensation (heated room below) or frost (un-heated basement) then stainless-steel bars should be requested.

The NAG-P150-100 has a resistance to fire of one-hour and Class 0 "Spread of flame". The pavement light may be used in areas where members of the Public may congregate (outside theatres or bus-stops for example).

The NAG-P150-100 is suitable to be used as a Smoke-Outlet from Basement as approved by the London Fire & Emergency Planning Authority.

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