Media Village

  • 11th February 2021

Introducing Douglas House, a six-floor office building on Great Titchfield Street in London. Our latest collaboration with TOG (The Office Group), with the ambition to create a workplace where people can feel stimulated by their environment and thus be truly productive.

The most striking feature of the design is a curvilinear wall of glass blocks that runs the entire length of the ground floor. Based on the idea of a hand-drawn line, the wall creates a sense of light, transparency and openness throughout the space, which is split into three ‘rooms’ by the building’s two stair cores. As well as creating a passage between the rooms at the rear, the wall creates a visual connection between them with material intensity and unexpectedly fluid wavy forms, echoed in the custom-made lighting rafts. On the other side is a bank of courtyard-style meeting rooms, each with a unique layout created by the irregularity of the wall’s shape.