BRE Load & Slip Testing

BRE Load & Slip Testing
  • 18th April 2018

BRE were instructed to undertake a series of load tests on four types of pavement lights and one type of smoke outlet panel produced by New Age Glass Ltd, in order to determine the ultimate failure loads. Each test specimen was therefore installed into a custom-built load testing rig in the BRE Structures Laboratory. Each panel measured 1200mm square, The outer 100mm perimeter of the panels were supported on a 120mm x 120mm x 10mm steel square hollow section (SHS) leaving the central 1000mm square area or the panel unsupported. Figure 1 of the report shows the test set up.

Loading was applied to the test specimens using a 30 tonne hydraulic loading cylinder. A NCB type 403 300kN load cell (serial no 1678) was connected in series to the hydraulic cylinder in order to measure the applied force. The load was spead over a 300mm square steel plate located at the centre or the panel.

For panel type P165-165 a stiffer load testing rig had to be built, and the panels were tested using a 935kN jack and a NCB type 1000kN load cell (serial no 2149N).

The displacement of the cntre of the test panel under load was measured using a Linear Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT serial no 1521). This was positioned alongside the hydraulic loadind cylinder and the measurementtip rested upon the steel spreader plate (shown in figure 2). The applied load and displacement of the panel were both continuously monitored and recorded using a Schlumberger Scorpio data logging device (serial no IF00058363). Loading was applied to the panels via the spreader plate and gradually increased until failure occurred.

These tests have been conducted in order to provide the Client with ultimate load data for the various panel types. Ther are therefore no performance criteria (i.e. pass/fail specifications) against which the panels are to be assessed.